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When you think of making any changes or alterations to your home, you know that you would need to hire the services of a company that provides custom home improvement solutions. Every home is different and every property owner has different preferences. This is exactly why it’s important to hire the services of a company that will be able to provide custom solutions and personalized attention! Read more about Renovations >>

Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is one space that gets used every single day and it sees a great deal of wear and tear on a daily basis. Apart from the fact that every member of the household will use this space at some time or the other, the cabinets, backsplashes and countertops also have to endure steam, grease and the heat from cooking on stoves and in ovens etc. remodeling your kitchen will be beneficial for your daily use and also for the value of your property! Read more about Kitchen Remodeling >>

Home Remodeling

Home renovation and remodeling projects are one way to add to add functionality and value to your existing home. It’s very natural for people to want a change in the way their home looks, once in a while. In this effort, they get their house painted, add new décor or maybe change the curtains and furnishings etc. But sometimes they want more major changes; this is when they think of starting a residential remodeling project. Read more about Home Remodeling >>

Napa, CA

Having a property in the beautiful and picturesque Napa is a wonderful thing. As with all homes and properties, you will need some help from time to time with the upkeep and general maintenance. We at California Happy Homes offer our Napa, CA client with a wide range of home improvement, general contracting, real estate and handyman services! Read more about Napa, CA >>

Del Mar, CA

If you are thinking about remodeling and selling your home then you really can’t beat a company like California Happy Homes who combine both of these specialty areas. You get the best of both worlds; they know how to update and bring your property into the buyer’s market. They can ensure that your home is updated and has everything that buyers are looking for so that you get a premium price! Read more about Del Mar, CA >>

Home Improvement

If you are looking into making some home improvements this is the ideal article for you to read. We here at California Happy Homes can guide you through the whole process of renovating, extending or remodeling your home or commercial business site. We have decades of experience that we would like to put into making your property the perfect space for you now! Read more about Home Improvement >>

General Contractors

You will be surprised to read all of the things that a general contractor can do for your next construction or remodeling project. Perhaps you are trying out some of your DIY talents and need some assistance for the more technical structural elements? Or perhaps you would just like a general contracting company to come in and transform your property while you site back and watch it all come to fruition? No matter what services you need a general contracting company like California Happy Homes can do it all! Read more about General Contractor >>

Bathroom Remodeling

In this article we would like to talk about ‘Bathroom Remodeling’. The aim is to provide you with all the information and inspiration you need when embarking on a new bathroom. Renovating a bathroom allows you the opportunity to add new features or take away elements that you may not need any more like replacing a bath tub with a larger shower. There are so many things to consider; let us help you get the bathroom of your dreams! Read more about Bathroom Remodeling >>

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