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San Francisco 100 year old Kitchen Remodel—The story of the Hollander Family

Faster Handling of Home Inspections

Remodeling an older Victorian home in San Francisco can be tricky. Having the right contractor on the job will help it run smooth. California Happy Homes has done many jobs in San Francisco so we are very familiar with the permit process and the inspectors standards to code. Often the inspections can cause a project's time line to be delayed. California Happy Homes cares about your time and our timeline. We understand what can lie inside older homes and how to best deal with unforeseen things that cost time and money and headaches.

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Leak Detection and Pipe Repair with Thermal Imaging

We have seen it all! I wish we had x-ray vision to look into your walls and floors and know what we are up against but we do not. We do have tools to help. We use technology where we can use thermal imaging to look for leaks, mold, bad pipes etc. Often this can give us information to hone in exactly where a problem lies. It helps us not have to open up your walls and floors to find an issue.

Full Kitchen Remodel for the Hollander Family

The Hollander family called ready to do a full kitchen remodel. They had been saving for years. Earning their trust with their home was and always is the most important factor for us. It is a compliment we truly appreciate. We'll make a donation in your name to any school, church or charity for earning your trust. The Hollanders wanted to do a modern yet kosher kitchen against an older home almost 100 years old.

Old House Renovation Requires Special Skill and Planning

Likely in older homes we do run into unforeseen hiccups. My best advice is to plan an extra slush fund of 10-20% of the total just in case something unforeseen pops up. Instead of getting mad you will be prepared and we will be able to stay on the timeline with little delay. Often folks are mad because we found some mold or rot or bad pipes or bad wires in a floor or wall. It is to be expected. These home are 100 years old and are bound to be in need of some tender loving care. If you were 100 years old you probably would need some TLC too! It is actually good that we find these items so we may correct them with modern and better performing materials, bring the home to current code and make you feel safer when you sleep at night knowing all is well within the bones of the home.

Kitchen Renovation Challenges

The challenges with a kitchen renovation in an older home run from needing more breakers to supporting your new appliances. Do we need to trench along the home to run that line? What if the space is configured poorly?

Kitchen Design Ideas

Let us help you with kitchen design ideas. It may be possible to remove a load bearing wall and really open up the space. You may have knob and tube wiring that by law must be brought up to current code. You may need new plumbing to support your changes. Can you get away with new electrical and plumbing contained only to the rooms you are changing or must it be the entire home? All of these and more are concerns California Happy Homes has addressed successfully for years. We may be able to offer you options you were not aware of.

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Victorian Kitchen becomes a Modern Kitchen

Of course the Hollander family was worried what we may find in the walls and floor of a 100 year old Victorian home. The husband travels so we texted him daily photos of progress so he can be in the loop while away. He was very appreciative of this customer service. Well we did find stuff, found an old horse shoe, an old coffee can and ugh knob and tube wiring that the inspectors required us to change. Because we communicated in the beginning to have a slush fund of 10-20% they were able to deal with the unexpected overage with out being upset. Communication and honesty from day one is key. We do not want an unhappy customer and it is best we prepare you with all possibilities, what-if scenarios right away so your job goes smooth with little delays or headaches.

European Kitchen Design with Island

They chose European design soft close kitchen cabinets in an elegant and clean white with silver knobs and pulls against a white and black veined stone counter and black and grey back splash. They chose a great new tile flooring that looks like wood grain. They did pendant lights and recessed lights. They did a post where a load bearing wall was and that really opened up the entire space with a nice flow to the dining area. They did an island with separate sink, wine fridge and dishwasher in the island.

A Modernized Kitchen bringing Peace to the Family

As they are a Jewish faith family we helped them find kosher counter tops. As the husband works odd hours and likes his midnight snack, we installed motion sensing under mount cabinet lights. Now he doesn’t have to wake her up at midnight to find the bread for a sandwich as the modernized kitchen senses his presence and illuminates the lights on a digital sensor and shuts them when no presence is detected so they are more energy efficient. Now she is happy she can sleep peacefully, he is happy his kitchen helps him make that sandwich and we are just happy we helped make another happy home. A California happy home!

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