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We have a very detailed 15 step paint process. Painting the exterior or interior spaces of your home isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly and it’s important that you choose your painting contractor with care. This job isn’t just about taking paints of different colors and splashing the walls with them; it’s about ensuring that all the wall surfaces are cleaned and scrubbed and then prepared well, before the actual painting work is done.


California Happy Homes is a company that provides end-to-end home improvement solutions to customers across Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, Yountville, Healdsburg, St Helena and Northern California. We know that you don’t want to deal with multiple contractors while you are getting any renovation or remodeling job done. That means fielding many phone calls, emails, letting people in and out. That is why we handle all types of plumbing, masonry, carpentry, electrical work and provide excellent interior and exterior painting services too. We are your trusted one stop shop.

We have a large number of satisfied customers in and around Rancho Santa Fe, Coronado, Bonita and Northern California to ensure that you get customized solutions. While some of our customers opt for our painting services as part of a larger remodeling project, while others just want to get a new coat of paint for their homes. Regardless of what your requirement is, we provide painting solutions that are in line with your needs.

Our Approach to Painting Tasks

  • We use the best materials in our work and ensure that the exterior paints we use are weather, moss and mildew-resistant
  • Today, it’s possible to get UV-resistant, moisture-repellant and eco-friendly paints and we can use those in our work as well.
  • The walls will be scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly
  • The surface will then be prepared well
  • Once we have the right kind of surface to work on, our expert painters will ensure that the work is completed in the most unobtrusive manner and within the shortest possible time

We have expert color consultants on our team who can help you with choosing paint color and this helps you achieve the kind of look you want on your property. We are also very well-versed and up-to-date with all the latest painting products and techniques and make sure that you get the kind of textured paints and finishes you want. Our color consultants provide ideas that create drama and unique effects on the walls of your home.

How Our Painting Services are Different

We know that you want your home to look unique and that is what we help with. There are a number of reasons why homeowners prefer to use our painting contractor services:

  • Experience - When it comes to painting, experience matters a great deal. There are surfaces of different kinds and the exposure we have had to painting various features and surfaces in different settings, gives us the expertise to tackle every job in the most expert manner.

  • Fully-licensed, insured - We are certified to handle painting projects on residential and commercial properties. When you hire us for any painting project, you have the assurance that vetted and certified professionals are handling the job for you.

  • Interior & exterior painting solutions - Most property owners opt to get the interior and exterior spaces painted at the same time. The treatments and paints required in these are different and we have the expertise to handle both these jobs to your 100% satisfaction.

  • Best materials and workmanship used - With us the focus is always on providing high grade solutions. In this endeavor we never cut corners in our work, and use environment-friendly products and techniques in every job we take up.

  • Meticulous &detailed supervision - This is a very important aspect of our job. Our on-site supervisors ensure that our personnel are working professionally and efficiently and that the project is completed safely and within the stipulated timeframe.

  • Obligation-free quote - When you call us with your request, our experts will come over to your location, survey the areas that have to be painted and we will then provide you with an obligation-free quote.

We are the experts that go the extra mile to provide custom solutions and personalized attention to all our clients.

For all types of painting requirements projects across Silicon Valley to Wine Country call California Happy Homes for house painters at 415-994-4394. You can also use this online form to contact us.

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